b. 1987 in New York. Lives and works in New York City.


2010     BFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Solo Exhibitions

2018     9 Herkimer Pl, "Four as One and Three", curated by Kendra Jayne Patrick, Brooklyn, NY

2018     The Ski Club, "Looking Forward", Milwaukee, WI

2017     Higher Pictures, "Someone Who Isn't You", New York, NY

2017     Bahamas Biennale, "Ultraviolet Production House: Showroom", Detroit, MI

2016     Carroll/Fletcher, "Planetary-scale Computation", London, UK

2015     Higher Pictures, "Rez", New York, NY

2013     Higher Pictures, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019     Light Factory, "New Flesh", curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Charlotte, NC (forthcoming)
             Avalanche, "Final Exit Network", curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight, London, UK (forthcoming)
             Bahamas Biennale, Detroit, MI (forthcoming)

2018     Downs Ross, "Guarded Future II", New York, NY
             The New Museum, "Rhizome Presents: Comp USA Live", New York, NY
             Bahamas Biennale, "AVP", Detroit, MI
             Chelsea College of Arts, "Duty Free", curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight, London, UK
             Party Content, "Elexposition", curated by Maxime Moinet, Liege, Belgium

2017     MU, "Materializing the Internet", curated by Nadine Roestenburg, Eindhoven, Netherlands
             Steve Turner Contemporary, "Extracting/Abstracting", Los Angeles, CA
             Carroll/Fletcher, "Looking at One Thing and Thinking of Something Else, Part 4", London, UK
             Postmasters Gallery, "Alt-Facts", curated by Kerry Doran, New York, NY
             630 Flushing Avenue, "Re: 12", curated by Erin Davis and Max C Lee, Brooklyn, NY
             Northern Illinois University Art Museum, "Objectifying the Photograph", curated by Jessica Labatte, Deklab, IL
             Societe d'Electricite, "Time", curated by Els Vermang and Manuel Abendroth, Brussles, Belgium
             Teen Party, "The Recent Future: Strawberries That Taste Like Strawberries", New York, NY

2016     Anonymous Gallery, "Rheo Grande", curated by Kayla Fanelli, Mexico City, Mexico
             Museum of the Image, "Datafestatie", curated by Ward Janssen, Breda, Netherlands
             Vie D'Ange, curated by Eli Kerr and Daphne Boxer, Montreal, QC
             The Photographer's Gallery, "Inside Out Upside Down", curated by Wandering Bears, London, UK
             630 Flushing Avenue, "Re: Re: Re:", curated by Erin Davis and Max C Lee, Brooklyn, NY
             Eduardo Secci Contemporary, "That Feeling", curated by Domenico de Chirico, Florence, Italy
             315 Gallery, "I'd Rather Be Here Than Almighty", Brooklyn, NY
             The Stolbun Collection, "Phantasmagoria Part II", Aspen, CO
             The Stolbun Collection, "Phantasmagoria Part I", Chicago, IL
             Carroll/Fletcher, "Looking at One Thing and Thinking of Something Else, Part 2", London, UK

2015     Bas Fisher International, "Planes", curated by Anna Frost and Annika Kuhlman, Miami, FL
             Clifton Benevento, "Figure 8", curated by Silke Linder, New York, NY
             8 The Esplanade, curated by Jess Carroll and Emma Clough, Toronto, ON
             Brand New Gallery, "Mediated Images", Milan, Italy
             New Release, New York, NY
             Burns-Zysman, Brooklyn, NY
             Pioneer Works, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography, Brooklyn, NY
             Galeria Impackto, "Teknology", Lima, Peru

2014     Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography, Amsterdam, Netherlands
             Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, "MOCAtv Presents: a Jogging Screening", Los Angeles, CA
             Red Bull Studios, "DISown", curated by DIS and Agatha Wara, New York, NY (as Jogging)
             HAW Contemporary, "ARENA showcase", Kansas City, MO
             Last Resort Gallery, "Fool Disclosure", curated by Mikkel Carl, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013     Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, "Talent", Amsterdam, Netherlands
             HHDM, "Hot Rare Signed" (w/ Dora Budor), Vienna, Austria
             The Suzanne Geiss Company, "", New York, NY
             New Galerie, "Rematerialized", Paris, France (as Jogging)
             Perfect Present, "Jogging: Temporary", Copenhagen, Denmark
             The Still House Group, "Jogging: Soon", Brooklyn, NY

2012     Higher Pictures, "Photography Is", New York, NY
             Flowers Gallery, "Brush It In", London, UK
             Fuller Projects, "Aufheben", Bloomington, IN
             School of Visual Arts, "True Lies", New York, NY
             Massachusetts College of Art and Design, "Jogging: Art of Politics", Boston, MA
             6895 Collins Avenue, "Jogging: Re-Mixology", Miami, FL

2011     285 Macdougal Street, "Mediation", Brooklyn, NY
             Milk Gallery, "Photofeast", New York, NY
             37 Broadway, "Trespass", curated by Evan Robarts, Brooklyn, NY


2018     Higher Pictures, "Some Kind of Halfway Place", New York, NY (forthcoming)
2016     Carroll/Fletcher, "Dense Mesh", London, UK
2013     Compression Artifacts, [undisclosed location]
2012     Prairie Studios, "Merge Visible", Chicago, IL
2011     13 Greenpoint Avenue, "Flatten Image", Brooklyn, NY


2016     Ultraviolet Production House
             Forbundet Frie Fotografer, "IKEA4IKEA', curated by Agatha Wara
2013     Jogging
             Dis Images
2012     the PSD show
             White Columns Curated Artist Registry


2019     e-Commerce Drawings, text by Chris Mansour (forthcoming)
2018     Untitled (Politigram & the Post-left)
             "On TikTok, Gen Z Rules the Internet", Artsy
             Is This It?, Issue 4
2017     "There's No Business Like...", The Stolbun Collection, Kerry Doran
             "Meme to Mainstream", MU, Nadine Roestenburg
             "Objectifying the Photograph", Northern Illinois University Art Museum, Gan Uyeda
             Garage Magazine, No. 13
             "Augmented Photography", ECAL, Guyon Maxime
             "PaintingDigitalPhotography", Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Klaus Speidel
2016     "For The Time Being", David Chan and Troy Wong
2015     Aperture, "Photography is Magic!", Charlotte Cotton
             "Situating Post-Internet", Domenico Quaranta
             Out of Order, No. 7, "Uploaded", styled by Avena Gallagher
2014     FOAM, Issue 38, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography
2013     FOAM, Issue 36, Talent
2012     Dear Dave, Issue 12, "Living in a Perfect World", Chris Wiley
   , "A Conversation With Joshua Citarella"


2016     Work In Progress, New York, NY (as Ultraviolet Production House)
2013     The Still House Group, Brooklyn, NY (as Jogging)

Selected Press

2018     Spike Art Quarterly #54 Winter, "Artists' Favourites: Eva and Franco Mattes: UV Production House"
             Loney Abrams, Artspace, "New Artist Strategies, Pt. 1"
             Alexxa Gotthardt, Artsy, "8 Detroit Galleries Fueling the City's Creative Community"
             Casey Lesser, Artsy, "Artists on Kickstarter's New Drip Platform See Potential"
   , "Duty Free curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight"
             Artjaws, "Duty Free: Corporatization of Public Space, Utopian Ideals and the Internet at the Chelsea College of Arts in London"

2017     Scott Indrisek, Artsy, "Up and Coming: Joshua Citarella Is the Ultimate New York Freelancer"
             Hannah Stamler, Art Forum,"Critic's Pick: 'alt-facts' Postmasters"
             Nadine Roestenburg, From Dada to Data, "Get Zero Debt or Die Trying"
             Dylan Kerr, ArtNet News, "Like Art: 7 Masterpieces of Social Media Art That Will Make It Into the History Books"
             Margaret Carrigan, Blouin Art Info, "UV Production House Makes a New Market Model"
             Margaret Carrigan, Artsy, "How Artists Are Bypassing Their Dealers and Selling Directly to Collectors"
             Robert Grand, Artspace, "A Guide to Detroit's Best Art Galleries"
             Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Huffington Post, "The Contraventions of Joshua Citarella"
             Terence Trouillot, Artnet News, "10 Contemporary Artists Taking Photography in New Directions"
             LVL 3 Media, "Artist of the Week: Joshua Citarella"

2016     Anne Luther, Modern Painters, "Reviews: London, Joshua Citarella, Carroll/Fletcher", October
             Loney Abrams, Artspace Magazine, "The Artists Have Been Set Free"
             Mousse Magazine, "Eva & Franco Mattes and Joshua Citarella at Carroll / Fletcher, London"
             Emerson Rosenthal, The Creators Project, "Breaking the Frame: Photo 2.0"
             FOAM, Issue 44
             John Chiaverina, ArtNews, "Office Space: Artists Take Over 19th Floor of Times Square Building for Three-Week Residency"
             Andrew Nunes, The Creators Project, "7 Artists Take On an Unusual Artist Residency in Times Square"
             Tiffany Zabludowicz, Artspace, "Tiffany Zabludowicz on the Business Lessons of "Work in Progress," Her Corporate Times Square Artist Residency"
             Tiffany Zabludowicz, Artspace, "At Work in Progress, Times Square's Corporate Residency, Gerhard Richter Meets Slack"
             Tiffany Zabludowicz, Artspace, "Can Making Art Be an Office Job? Introducing Work in Progress, My New Corporate Artist Residency in Times Square"
             Nate Freeman, Hannah Ghorashi, and Alex Greenberger, Art News, "Wolf Spiders, Bondage Polaroids, and Crapstraction: Opening Day at NADA New York"
             Paddy Johnson, ArtFCity, "We Went to NADA: No Spider Bites Yet"

2015     Vince Aletti, The New Yorker, "Goings on About Town: Joshua Citarella, Higher Pictures", June
             Kate Messinger, Paper Magazine, "It's a Small Art World, After All"
             Sean J. Patrick Carney, Art in America, "Comedy Agenda", June
             Paddy Johnson, ArtFCity, "Return to the Real? A Survey of the Analog in Photography"
             Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, "Surveys of New American Sculpture and Photography"

2014     Tim Gentles, Art in America, "Joshua Citarella at Higher Pictures", January
             Kate Neave, Dazed and Confused, "How to Turn Lead Into Gold"
             Allyson Shiffman, Bullett Media, "Joshua Citarella"

2013     Vince Aletti, The New Yorker, "Goings on About Town: Joshua Citarella, Higher Pictures", September
             Andrew Russeth, Gallerist NY, "Joshua Citarella at Higher Pictures", September
             Lorenzo Durantini, Dis Magazine, "Joshua Citarella's Pixels"
             Loney Abrams, The New Inquiry, "Flatland"
             Brad Troemel, The New Inquiry, "The Accidental Audience"
             Haley Mellin, Garage Mag, Issue 6, June (as Jogging)
             Kenneth Goldsmith, The New Yorker, "The Writer as Meme Machine", October (as Jogging)
             Katja Novitskova, Frieze, "Beginnings + Endings", November (as Jogging)

2012     Vince Aletti, The New Yorker, "Goings on About Town: Higher Pictures, Photography Is", May
             Lorenzo Durantini, British Journal of Photography, "Tool Objects", December
             Christopher Schreck, Banana Leaves, "Studio Visit: Joshua Citarella"
             Laurence Cornet, La Lettre De La Photographie, November


2018     Rhizome at the New Museum: True Lies, Deep Fakes
             New Models: Episode 6:Teenage Radicals
             Humor and the Abject: Episode 88
             The Conversation: Artist's Podcast: Episode 223 & 224
             Pratt Institue, Current Obsession: "Used Future" Symposium, Brooklyn, NY
             Nars Foundation, Brooklyn, NY
             Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI
             FOAM, "Re-Connect", Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017     The Armory Show, "A New Image of Art and the Internet", New York, NY
             Red Hook Labs, FOAM New York Symposium, Brooklyn, NY

2016     Aperture, "Ultraviolet Production House", New York, NY
             Carroll/Fletcher, "Ultraviolet Production House", London, UK
             Pratt Institue, Brooklyn, NY
             School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2015     ASMBLY, 5D, Brooklyn, NY
             New York Arts Practicum
             Clocktower Radio
             Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

2014     FOAM, "Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography", Amsterdam, Netherlands
             FOAM, "Sculpture with Less Material", Amsterdam, Netherlands
             The New School Parsons School of Design, New York, NY

2013     Bruce High Quality Foundation University, New York, NY
             New York University, New York, NY
             School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2012     Flowers Gallery, "Brush It In", London, UK