b. 1987 in New York. Lives and works in New York City.


2010     BFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Solo Exhibitions

2016     Carroll/Fletcher, London, UK (forthcoming)

2015     Higher Pictures, "Rez", New York, NY

2013     Higher Pictures, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015     BFI, "Planes", curated by Anna Frost and Annika Kuhlman, Miami, FL
             Clifton Benevento, "Figure 8", New York, NY
             8 The Esplanade, curated by Jess Carroll and Emma Clough, Toronto, ON
             Brand New Gallery, "Mediated Images", Milan, Italy
             New Release Video, New York, NY
             Burns-Zysman, Brooklyn, NY
             Pioneer Works, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography, Brooklyn, NY
             Galeria Impackto, "Teknology", Lima, Peru

2014     Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography, Amsterdam, NL
             Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, "MOCAtv Presents: a Jogging Screening", Los Angeles, CA
             HAW Contemporary, "ARENA showcase", Kansas City, MO
             Last Resort Gallery, curated by Mikkel Carl, "Fool Disclosure", Copenhagen, DK

2013     Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, "Talent", Amsterdam, NL
             HHDM, "Hot Rare Signed" (w/ Dora Budor), Vienna, AT
             The Suzanne Geiss Company, "", New York, NY
             New Galerie, "Rematerialized", Paris France (as Jogging)
             Perfect Present, "Jogging: Temporary", Copenhagen, DK
             The Still House Group, "Jogging: Soon", Brooklyn, NY

2012     Higher Pictures, "Photography Is", New York, NY
             Flowers Gallery, "Brush It In", London, UK
             Fuller Projects, "Aufheben", Bloomington, IN
             School of Visual Arts, "True Lies", New York, NY
             Massachusetts College of Art and Design, "Jogging: Art of Politics", Boston, MA
             6895 Collins Avenue, "Jogging: Re-Mixology", Miami, FL

2011     285 Macdougal Street, "Mediation", Brooklyn, NY
             Milk Gallery, "Photofeast", New York, NY
             37 Broadway, "Trespass", curated by Evan Robarts, Brooklyn, NY


2016     Carroll/Fletcher, "Dense Mesh", Brooklyn, NY (forthcoming)

2013     Compression Artifacts, [undisclosed location]

2012     the .PSD show,
             Prairie Studios, "Merge Visible", Chicago, IL

2011     13 Greenpoint Avenue, "Flatten Image", Brooklyn, NY


2016     Ultraviolet Production House

2013     Jogging
             Dis Images

2012     the PSD show
             White Columns Curated Artist Registry


2016     Out of Order, No. 8

2015     Aperture, "Photography is Magic!", Charlotte Cotton
             Out of Order, No. 7, "Uploaded", styled by Avena Gallagher

2014     FOAM, Issue 38, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography

2013     FOAM, Issue 36, Talent

2012     Dear Dave, Issue 12, "Living in a Perfect World", Chris Wiley
   , "A Conversation With Joshua Citarella"

Selected Press

2015     Vince Aletti, The New Yorker, "Goings on About Town: Joshua Citarella, Higher Pictures", June
             Kate Messinger, Paper Magazine, "It's a Small Art World, After All", May

2014     Tim Gentles, Art in America, "Joshua Citarella at Higher Pictures", January
             Kate Neave, Dazed and Confused, "How to Turn Lead Into Gold", July
             Allyson Shiffman, Bullett Media, "Joshua Citarella", April

2013     Vince Aletti, The New Yorker, "Goings on About Town: Joshua Citarella, Higher Pictures", September
             Andrew Russeth, Gallerist NY, "Joshua Citarella at Higher Pictures", September
             Lorenzo Durantini, Dis Magazine, "Joshua Citarella's Pixels", October
             Loney Abrams, The New Inquiry, "Flatland", August
             Haley Mellin, Garage Mag, Issue 6, June (as Jogging)
             Kenneth Goldsmith, The New Yorker, "The Writer as Meme Machine", October (as Jogging)
             Katja Novitskova, Frieze, "Beginnings + Endings", November (as Jogging)

2012     Vince Aletti, The New Yorker, "Goings on About Town: Higher Pictures, Photography Is", May
             Lorenzo Durantini, British Journal of Photography, "Tool Objects", December
             Christopher Schreck, Banana Leaves, "Studio Visit: Joshua Citarella", December
             Laurence Cornet, La Lettre De La Photographie, November


2016     Pratt Institue, Brooklyn, NY

2015     ASMBLY 5D, with Gean Moreno, Judith Fan, Michael Jones McKean, Julie Grosche, Brooklyn, NY
             Clocktower Radio
             Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

2014     "Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography", with Lucas Blalock, Matthew Leifheit, Matthew Porter, FOAM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
             "Sculpture with Less Material", FOAM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
             The New School Parsons School of Design, New York, NY

2013     Bruce High Quality Foundation University, New York, NY
             New York University, New York, NY
             School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2012     "Brush It In", Flowers Gallery, London, UK